Where Style and Purpose Meet
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About us

     Blinded Animals is the future of great fashion and great business. Blinded Animals isn't just another brand, it is a socially responsible company to help animals in need. Blinded Animals is where Style meets Purpose.


     Here at Blinded Animals, we are a group of business students at Florida Gulf Coast University that want to make a change. The reason we chose apparel as our medium of expression is because it is highly visible. When you walk down the street, into class, or any facet of your life, people know that you stand for something bigger. We sell our product to be able to help the animals in our community. We love animals, and so do others, unfortunately they don't get the necessary resources to create an impact in animals lives. That is where we come in, we will provide 10% of all our profits to causes that help animals in need.

     The idea for Blinded Animals has been in the works for well over a year and a half, we finally launched in January of 2016. We are located in sunny Ft. Myers, Florida. Want to get in touch?